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Weight Training

Building Your Lean Muscle Mass

Step 4: Increasing Your Metabolism

You will be training both aerobically (cardiovascular) and anaerobically (weight training). As you learn to exercise, you are becoming an athlete. Our team call themselves, Live Lean Athletes. Aerobic training includes activities that raise your heart rate which burns calories. Anaerobic training may also be called weight training, the purpose of which is to increase your amount of lean muscle mass, thus increasing your strength and metabolism. Physical training requires three basic principles: the intensity of the exercise; the frequency with which you work out; and the duration of the workout. Your anaerobic workouts will be intense, brief and infrequent.

The order of your workouts will incorporate a training strategy that allows complete failure in your muscle groups. In your body you have major muscle groups and auxiliary muscle groups that are much smaller in size than the major groups. Our goal is to completely exhaust all the muscle groups in the body parts on which we are focusing for that particular workout. This should be done without our auxiliary muscle groups failing, thus becoming ‘weak links’, before the major muscle groups. This requires what is called a ‘super set’ for the exercises. A superset is a set where you immediately jump from one machine to the next within 3 seconds of finishing your last repetition. You will also be required to ‘warm-up’ for the first two sets of an exercise. However, on the third set you will push yourself to 100% intensity, and it is this set that you are going to push yourself to failure.

Download: Workout Sheets

Please click below for the the LiveLean.org Weight Training Sheets. Print these out, and bring them to the gym on a clipboard and train according to the program.

Weight Training Days with Videos

Day 2: Back, Core, Biceps, Forearms

Day 3: Legs




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