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The LiveLean.org Program

Knowledge: How to LiveLean.

Step 2: The Program

What is living lean? This concept is simple. Build Muscle, Burn Fat. Okay, how do you do it?

Living lean is actually simple. It is simply knowing how to eat, buying the right foods, then having routines in place to prepare your meals, pack food when necessary and eating every few hours to keep your metabolism on fire.

The LiveLean audiobook is going to explain what to feed your body and how to fuel it regularly to keep your metabolism on fire. The videos on the website, LiveLean.org, will show you some basic weight training exercises that will build muscle and some cardiovascular exercises that will burn fat. These exercises, combined with eating every few hours, will, literally, melt the fat off of your body, while building lean muscle mass.

Download: LiveLean.org Program:

The LiveLean.org Program. Please download the audiobook LiveLean Program below. The MP3 version can be played right on your phone through your browser. The M4B file has to be downloaded as a zip file to your computer and imported into iTunes, then copied to your phone. The PDF version, is view-able on any device that reads PDF files.

.m4b File (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

PDF File (Kindle, Nook, PDF Reader)


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