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We wish to extend a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Jason Levy & Dr. Courtney Centrelli from APRCNJ.com for giving us permission to use their stretching videos on the LiveLean.org site!

Please view how to stretch from the New York Red Bulls & New York Jets Team Chiropractor. Please keep him and his team in mind require any assistance in chiropractic care, heel, shoulder, hip, podiatry, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, golfers elbow, back, or foot issues. Jason and his team are fantastic people and really care about improving the health and well being of society.

Iliotibial Band


Tensor Fasciae Latae


Gluteal Region


Quadriceps Muscles


Wall Angel


Adductor/Inner Thigh Muscles


Hamstring Muscles


Calf Muscles


Shin Muscles


Peroneal Muscles


Lower Back


Thoracic/Middle Back Region


Latissimus Dorsi/Triceps


General Chest Stretch


Barefoot Drills


Clock Stretch


Field Goal Exercise


Side Lying External Rotation Exercise by APRC


Side Lying Abduction of the Shoulder


Big 3 – Curl Up


Big 3 – Bird Dog, Side Bridge, Curl Up

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