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Kathi – Seamstress

When I first started living lean, I noticed all of the shirts I had were massive in the body. It is not that I was that big, but that was just how they were made. The stomach region was like the sail of a ship. I connected with Kathi and she tailored each of my shirts to fit perfectly for a very reasonable price.

Email Kathi at: benderkat1960 (at) yahoo.com

The LiveLean.org Program made a huge difference in my wardrobe. The best part about it, was contacting Kathi so she could tailor all of my shirts. Now they all fit perfectly and I just FEEL lean when wearing them!

Jon, Live Lean Athlete


Dr. Jason Levy – APRCNJ.com

Dr. Jason Levy is the Team Chiropractor for the New York Red Bulls (MLS) and the New York Jets (NFL) and is an amazing person. He leads by example in his lifestyle and truly helps people overcome their physical obstacles. He is an activist in the health community and was kind enough to let us feature his stretching videos on the site.

Contact Dr. Levy at: info (at) aprcnj.com

The stretching exercises really help me on a regular basis. They help me ease into my workouts and give me the knowledge to stretch as I do my adventure cardio on weekends. Thank you Dr. Levy!

Virginia, Live Lean Athlete


The Club, Morristown, NJ

We want to take say thank you to Ken and the team at The Club for letting us video the workout sessions in the gym after hours. Ken and the Team at The Club, in Morristown, NJ, run a top notch fitness facility and if you need a trainer to help you with the program, just give them a call.

Contact The Club through their website by clicking here.

The Club at Morristown has an extremely professional and friendly team who have a strong desire to see you succeed at your workout goals. They have my highest recommendation.

Thomas Roman, Live Lean Athlete


NJ Adventure Tours

Adventure Cardio is one of the best parts of Living Lean. If you want to go on some fun weekend adventures with other like-minded, healthy people, give John Kelly a call and book an adventure tour!

Contact NJ Adventure Tours through their website by clicking here.

Thanks for a wonderful hike on Mt. Tammany, and all the good lore and advice along the way. Clara and I enjoyed Remy (your great Lab) too, and will recommend this hike to others. Sunfish pond swim was the icing on the cake for me! My feet needed it. Great day!!!! Peace to all.

Macaire, Adventurer

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