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Food, Nutrition and How to Eat

Step 3: Nutrition Literacy – 75% of Living Lean

The Audio or PDF version of the program above gives a thorough understanding of the fundamentals how to balance your proteins, carbohydrates and mono-unsaturated fats. Then to eat meals in the fist, fist, thumb size of these macronutrients every 2-3 hours, respectively, and 1/3 of that portion for snacks.


*On this graph, figure A shows the blood sugar remaining constant with slow gastric emptying, while figure B shows the effect of a high glycemic load and a peak in blood sugar levels. In figure B, the peak is where the insulin is released, and the valley is where the hunger pangs are felt. This chart proves that in order to keep your blood sugar constant, you should eat the proper portions of the foods we mentioned above and in their proper intervals. It is imperative that you know and stick to the portions that your body needs.

Download: Food Lists

Please click below for the lists of good protein, carbohydrates and monounsaturated fats.

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How to Food Shop

Shopping In Bulk


Preparing Food

How to Cook

Timing Your Meals & Consistency



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