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Goals: See Your Future

Clarity: Why you choose to LiveLean.

Step 1: Goal Setting

In order to LiveLean, it is imperative that you are clear in your goals. Please listen and do the goal setting workshop as instructed in the audio book below. You must be clear on the reasons for which you are going to make this lifestyle improvement.

Everyone’s reasons vary for why they choose to live lean. For some, it is to be there for their children and grandchildren, for others, it is to have the energy to hike to Machu Picchu in Peru or to roam the streets of Paris, while feeling incredibly vital. Yet, for others, it is to be able to manage a household and have energy throughout the day, or for others, to be able to work to their full potential while having incredible energy.

Please follow the goal setting workshop and write down your main reasons on your LiveLean business card or on a separate sheet of paper and read it every time you have some down time.

Download: The Goal Setting Workshop

The first section of the LiveLean.org Program is a Goal Setting Workshop. Please download the audiobook Goal Setting Workshop below. The MP3 version can be played right on your phone through your browser. The M4B file has to be downloaded as a zip file to your computer and imported into iTunes, then copied to your phone.

.m4b File (iPhone, iPad, iPod)


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